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June, July, August, September, October

Minimum Length

7 days, Recommended length of stay and retreat for best results is 3 weeks.

Minimum Stay

6 nights

Arrival Day

Friday, Start of retreat Saturday

Retreat Calendar:

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Super Model Yoga

26jan - 2febjan 2611:00 amfeb 2FeaturedSUPER MODEL YOGA RETREAT

2feb - 9feb 211:00 amfeb 9FeaturedSUPER MODEL YOGA RETREAT

9feb - 16feb 911:00 amfeb 16FeaturedSUPER MODEL YOGA RETREAT

16feb - 23feb 1611:00 amfeb 23FeaturedSUPER MODEL YOGA RETREAT

23feb - 2marfeb 2311:00 ammar 2FeaturedSUPER MODEL YOGA RETREAT

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Famous Supermodels That Do Yoga


ZENING is for those who seek deep relaxation of body and mind, flexibility in body, harmony of spirit and a constant smile.

Yoga is for everyone and it is non judgmental. Classes are gentle, soft and about self knowledge and control.
Yoga brings you in control of your body and mind. It helps get rid of sadness and stress . Yoga is a journey of self love and confidence. You will feel dignity, courage, confidence and empowerment.
Yoga is the key to well being. Through a gentle process, you will embrace yoga practice that is right just for you.


ZENING Supermodel Yoga retreat is designed for fashion models. From Model to being a Supermodel is a leap from beauty to grace, elegance, posture, stamina, discipline and strength. ZENING retreats helps models make this giant step forward in their personal and professional lives by feeling better, stronger, healthier and more confident.
Zening SuperModel yoga retreat is for girl fashion models who work in fashion business, on the catwalk or as photo models.

Zening Supermodel Yoga retreat is based on study of habits, lifestyle and and fitness experiences of most famous supermodels of the world. These supermodels and celebrities all practice yoga Giselle Bundchen, Naomi Campbell, Alessandra Ambrosio, Linsay Ellingson, Miranda Kerr, Lily Alridge, Erin Heatherton, Bar Refaeli.

Who it is for

Professional female models 18 + only
Young persons must be accompanied by a guardian

Results & Benefits

Why do a yoga retreat at ZENING . to go from being a model to supermodel

  • Improve your physical, mental and spiritual strength
  • Increase energy
  • Improve your mental state, be in better mood, get rid of fear, anxiety, worry
  • Release stress
  • Improve your sleek, slim and slender frame
  • Get strength without getting body mass and volume
  • Improve and reinforce your anatomy
  • Improve your immunity from allergies and illness
  • Get mental strength
  • Improve self confidence
  • Improve posture and body comfort
  • Improve your elegance
  • Enhance your charisma and aura
  • Shed weight and get a taller look

What We do and Do Not

We provide yoga instruction, nutrition, dietary advice, meditation, taichi, wellness coaching, techniques of drinking water, weight management techniques. Our program is gentle, soft and easy going but the results are excellent due to achievement of balance and harmony between body, mind and spirit.

We do not advise fast shedding of weight, nor extreme dieting or fasting. We do not propose and do not provide hard detox. We do not support unethical modelling practices. Models shall be given balanced meals and nutrition appropriate to age, weight, body. During the retreat alcohol consumption is not recommended

How to Prepare

If you are ready to change your life for better and are determined to get the spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical strength necessary for the demanding life of a fashion model then you are ready for ZENING. We will provide coaching, guidance and yoga , meditation techniques you need to be the best you can be.

Type of Yoga

At ZENING we practice Hatha Yoga. Hatha is the traditional yoga for balance of mind and body. This is classical approach to breathing, postures and asanas. This Yoga brings very visible physical balance, change to our posture, improved organism as well as subtle emotional and psychological balance in our bodies. All known Asanas meaning postures and poses are practiced. Hatha Yoga also includes practices such as Mudra – hand gestures to express and channel energy and Pranayama – controlled breathing . ZENING Yoga is based on traditional science of yoga to bring balance in mind and body and harmony to the chakras energy points in the body.

Branded yoga is not practiced at ZENING. Our coaches are advanced experts and customize classes and sessions as per need.

Ethics in Modelling

ZENING works with leading model agencies and individual models in their journey for success with a healthy body and mind. ZENING Supports ethics charters in Fashion and Modelling especially about eating, age, safety and dignity.
We do not accept models under age 18 in our programme. We advise any models with eating disorders to seek immediate medical assistance and give moral and emotional support in the process.

We do not permit photos of models without their explicit permission and take legal action against anyone violating privacy of models in offstage, backstage, private environment.

We ask models and all guests to not take pictures of each other and practice a device detox policy in public areas.
We support the Danish Ethics Charter and movement of The Model Alliance by Sara Ziff who we believe are leading architects of ethics and standards in modelling business. ZENING is not in fashion or modelling profession and therefore we advise all models and their representatives to seek support and help of these ethical foundations when they have questions or queries.

ZENING has affiliated with two leading law firms that advise on wage rights and human rights, protections and safety and their legal aid is available to any models practicing in European Union to advise them of their rights.

ZENING Ethics in Yoga

1. Yoga instructors are not medical professionals. They should not be asked nor should they give any medical advice.
Anyone attending a yoga class must ask their own doctor or physician and take full personal responsibility for any yoga class.

2. Yoga teachers must conduct their classes in professional, safe and respectful manner. If any asana is not right for you, if any discomfort occurs, please inform your instructor and stop immediately.

3. A ZENING yoga instructor must be professional and humble. An instructor may ask students to seek medical advice, alternative program, treatment.

4. We work in the nature and it is common to have natural elements around us . Please be aware that ZENING is a village, a garden, in the nature and is not a sealed environment with climate control. We believe our guests come to ZENING to escape the refrigerated urban living and work environments. You will see all elements of nature. Please do not be alarmed by them. It is not dirty – it is nature. We do not vacuum clean forests, mountains, hills, beaches or earth. If you wish for sanitized hermetically sealed environment and not the fresh breeze, nature and its elements then please discover other resorts and studios.

5. We maintain safe, clean and comfortable environment for the practice of yoga.

6. We accept and encourage diversity. Our students and teachers are from many nationalities and cultures. We do not tolerate any discrimination based on language, accent, ethnicity, age, gender. We respect our teachers and students irrespective of their age, race, gender, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation.

7. We respect dignity and privacy of teachers and students.

8. We do not tolerate verbal or physical aggression or abuse.

We ask all practitioners to have zero tolerance for any abuse, insult or discrimination and if they encounter or see any such issues to report immediately in full confidence to management of ZENING by email <> or inform a yoga teacher.


  • 7 nights’ accommodation
  • Daily 3 to 5 yoga, meditation, wellness coaching sessions
  • Veda Spa indoor pool, sauna, hammam for upto 2 appointed hours on one day.
  • Healthy nutrition, dietary meals, superfoods and healthy snacks with plenty of fruits, greens

What is Included

  • 7 Nights accommodation
  • Daily yoga
  • Pranayama and Meditation
  • Bedlinen and towels with one change per week
  • Shared and single/double occupancy rooms
  • Unlimited water, herbal teas

What is not included

  • Travel Air Ticket,
  • Travel Insurance,
  • Airport transfer

Skill level

No skills or previous experience of yoga are necessary. ZENING Wellness programs include many yoga classes and they are for all levels, even for novice first timers and beginners that have never tried yoga before.

Sample Schedule

  • 7 AM Morning Yoga
  • 8:30 AM Breakfast
  • 11AM Yoga and meditation class 90 minutes
  • 12: 00 Wellness Coaching Session
  • 1:30 : Light Lunch
  • 3 or 4 PM : 90 minutes Evening meditation or dance or yoga
  • Time to walk, swim, enjoy the resort
  • 6 PM: Evening Healing Meditation
  • Dinner

Group Sizes

Yoga, Meditation and Wellness coaching is for groups of upto 25 people. Morning Yoga is for all and group size may vary.


ZENING is a wellness vacation resort. It is a Grade A, licenses holiday resort as a 4 star hotel.
Accommodation at ZENING is in studio and one bedroom apartments in a sprawling village complex in studios or 2 room apartments with views of gardens and the Mediterranean sea. There is plenty of privacy and space. Accommodation may be in studio for single, two or shared in large suites for sharing with up to 6 people.

All Apartments are newly refurbished and feature spacious living room, own toilet and bathtub, tea & coffee kitchenette, individual energy efficient air conditioning and solar water heating, mini-fridge.

The living and decor is homely and traditional — cheerful and soothing minimalism with sprinkling of eclectic and ethnic elements in furnishings.

Zen minimalism and humorous simplicity of design have converted traditional quarters into comfortable and modern living spaces in harmony with nature. Zening is a wild and garden landscape spread on 100 acres of hilly terrain on the sea. The beach is just across the road. in ZENING that transform the mind and spirit to a free harmonious state.

Our studio rooms are suitable for two while One BedRoom suites can host up to 6 persons .


ZENING is an ethical sustainable resort.


Your Retreat location is Hotel ZENING in Polis Latchi, on the island of Cyprus in European Union.
This is a pristine, green, serene region ideal for a vacation to a healthy microclimate and abundant green landscapes of mountains, hills, vineyards, farms and sea. Polis Latchi is a quiet, green area protected as an environmental reserve. ZENING Resort was created for wellness , yoga , detox vacations in 2013 where once stood a popular holiday village ELIA Village.

ZENING Elia Village is located in the mythological playground of Greek goddess of beauty Aphrodite. It is situated in Chrysochous Bay which is a north facing sea bay of pristine blue waters in Latchi village. Polis, with population of 5,000 is 3 kms away and has banks, post office, museum, general hospital and government services. Latchi has a yacht marina, harbour with some popular tourist venues such as taverns , cafes, boat rentals, yacht trips, bike tours and more.

Cyprus airport of Paphos is just 50 kms away. Larnaca (LCA) airport is a 2 Hr drive. Limassol is 100 Kms away and drive to capital Nicosia is 2 Hrs. The region has many charming mountain villages with tavernas and inns.
Akamanthos Avenue road runs from Polis to Baths of Aphrodite where it ends. ZENING is located with direct access to this road. The beach is across in front of resort across Akamanthos Av. with moderate village and tourist traffic.
There is no industry or large city and the area is mostly an agricultural region growing orange and citrus. Yacht marina of Latchi and many traditional taverns are a short walk. Polis has well known taverns, museums and town square.
Latchi is in north west of Cyprus, a European Union member with Euro as its currency. Driving is on left side of the road. Paphos and Larnaca airports connect Cyprus to more than 70 European, Russian and Gulf cities served by nearly 25 airlines.


Cyprus is a warm and sunny Mediterranean island. Summers are dry, hot and humid and ideal for a restful vacation and wellness program

Useful Information

Time Zone: GMT + 2 Hrs
Currency: Euro
Languages Spoken: Greek, English
Driving: On Left side of road


LCA Larnaca, 2 Hrs away; PFO Paphos 45 minutes

Airport transfer

Transfer from airport to ZENING resort is by choice of Buses, taxis or car rentals.
Public bus cost is from 4 to 12 Euros each way. Shared Transfer, when available is Euro 15 to and from Paphos and Euro 30 to and from Larnaca.

Individual Taxi transfer is Euro 55 to 60 from Paphos and Euro 140 to 160 from Larnaca.
Car Rentals are available from Euro 20 per day.
Discounted airport transfer is advised and arranged by ZENING from Larnaca and Paphos airports


Food at SOMA restaurant is prepared from local farm produce and fresh fish or meats. All meal choices and special diet is available. Fruit Diet, Green Diet, Gluten free and other dietary requirements are catered for. All foods are healthy, fresh, locally sourced and mostly organic.

ZENING is a yoga resort and we have two to six instructors throughout the vacation season guiding a variety of classes and sessions


ZENING is a yoga resort and we have two to six instructors throughout the vacation season guiding a variety of classes and sessions


Lead Instructor

Lina is a wellness coach with 8 years experience of teaching life-changing practice of yoga.Lina provides gentle guidance in Hatha yoga, Vinyasa & Nidra Yoga. Her coaching goes further into guided meditation.She works with other instructors specializing in taiChi, herbalism, Pilates, dance to create a highly thoughtful and personalizedprogram.

She gives in-depth understanding of breathing techniques. She works with her groups in adopting the right diet for weight management, for body types, in introduction to herbs and essential oils and more of holistic wellness lifestyle.

Lina says “Yoga helps me recognize who I am, what is in my body. What are my feelings? Yoga relieves me to release my diseases. I do not suffer worries, anger. Through yoga and meditation I was able to find myself and empathize with others. I am free, light, happy, open and natural. There are no limits of perfection, so I am always studying and learning. I enjoy sharing this gift, knowledge and experience with others because it brings me great joy and satisfaction to spread harmony and wellness.


Tai Chi instructor


Tai Chi instructor


Yoga instructor

My name is Maria, I teach Hatha yoga.

Yoga in my life came more than 20 years ago, in the form of “Five Tibetan pearls”. At the time I worked as a television Director and practice just helped to support the physical shape and composure. Seminars, books – all new information have checked for yourself. At some point, I wanted to share knowledge. And I was studying to be a yoga teacher. 8 years of teaching.

For me, yoga is a kind of manual, magic “key” to the person. I’ve always wondered, why are we studying the instructions to household appliances, from refrigerator to alarm clock, and a guide to using the most advanced mechanism in the world – the human body – study want. In my classes I try to give this instruction is the maximum available and explain in detail everything you can. For me it is important that the person himself was interested in doing and it was a conscious interest. And, of course, important to “do no harm” – traumatic. It is important that the man himself understood how not to hurt yourself. I teach classic Hatha yoga with detailed explanation and construction of the asanas. My yoga is yoga for caring, thinking people. For those interested in life in all its manifestations. And if, as said BKS Iyengar, someone in 80 years will be able to tie his own shoes – it will also be the result. Let’s get together to practice and enjoy life!


Yoga instructor

There is a belief that if once ‘Yoga’ has changed your life completely, you should share this knowledge with as many people as possible. That’s what I am doing! Here is my story.

I never planned to become a yoga instructor because I was rising fast up the corporate ladder. I had already spent 5 precious years of my life as an executive in a multi-national corporation. It was a crazy life, a mind bending schedule of work and 6 to10 flights per month. As a result I started getting allergies and high level of stress. I started regular yoga practice and it cured me of illnesses and I started to get my mind and body balance back on. I felt so good that I started getting deeper and deeper into the subject of yoga, and ended up in India where I passed through teacher’s training and got my international certification. After quitting the ‘real job’ I decided I wanted to share my love and knowledge of yoga practice all around the world.

Things to do (optional)

  • Kayaking
  • Paddle Board
  • Mountain biking
  • Visiting Aphrodite’s bath
  • Beach
  • Akamas Park Walks and hiking
  • Excursions

SPA Treatments

  • All retreat guests may use Veda Spa indoor pool, sauna, hammam for upto 2 appointed hours per day.
  • Special discounts of 10% are given on massage treatments to all retreat guests.


English , Russian

Cancellation Policy

  • All cancellations must be made in writing by post/email/fax.
  • For cancellation 7 – 30 days before arrival 50% of full amount is charged as penalty.
  • Cancellation more than 31 days before arrival 100 Euro cancellation fee is charged.
  • 0 – 7 days before arrival 100% of full amount is charged and no refund provided.
  • No show & early check out Charge 100% of full amount.
  • Cancellation of additional treatments within 24 Hrs 50% of the treatment cost.
  • Fitness, dance, pilates, aqua yoga, zumba sessions are subject to change and availability and not guaranteed.

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