Veda Spa is unique, magic for body and soul. The Veda is an ancient Hindu sacred text. The word means knowledge.

At ZENING, Veda is the knowledge and inspiration behind our therapies to leave you glowing inside and out.
In our Veda Spa we use ancient principles and modern science to maximum effect.

We line up herbal, oil and healing power to create a place, where whole body is reinvigorated and mind relaxed. Our sense of self is awakened.

Our therapist will consider your individual needs such as detox, stress release, energy activation and relaxation to take you on a magnificent journey of joy and glow.

During your treatment, all your senses will be stimulated by harmonic landscape, relaxing music, scents of different flowers, tasty teas and gentle touch.


Massage @ Veda Spa

ZENING Tibetan massage

TZ 01
€80 60min
Kunye Massage includes techniques such as applying herbal-infused oils to the body, manual tissue manipulation, deep tissue work, identifying & acting on specific points, mobilizing the joints, and warming the body.

ZENING Serenity Massage

€80 60min
We concentrate on the back, neck and shoulders, this vigorous massage with essential oils freed the accumulated tensions in muscles and offers a perfect feeling of well-being and harmony.

Indian Head & Shoulder

€40 30min
The Indian head & shoulder massage is a small part of Ayurveda, regarded in India as a preventive medicine. This massage is particularly rejuvenating for the mind, relieves stress and tension.

Indian Head & Shoulder

€75 60min
The Indian head & shoulder massage is a small part of Ayurveda, regarded in India as a preventive medicine. This massage is particularly rejuvenating for the mind, relieves stress and tension.

Aromatherapy Massage

€65 60min
The ultimate anti-stress massage. Two senses touch and smell are united in this rhythmic massage with scents of essential oils of flowers and herbs. This massage soothes the nervous system of the tension and stress and…

Massage With Warm Oils

€80 60min
Fluid, gentle and relaxing, massage with warm oil is for all those who search deep relaxation. Essential oils are used to act naturally on the evils caused by strains of everyday life. If you want to relax while enjoying…

Swedish massage

€65 30min
Swedish massage is designed to strengthen the muscles while eliminating tensions. It combines firmness and softness according to the needs of the person being massaged. It tones and favors the blood stream.

ZENING hot stone Massage

€80 60min
Traditional massage with volcanic stones known for their energetic and invigorating properties. It soothes the senses, harmonizes the energy flows of the body and relieves all of his tensions.

Beauty @ Veda Spa

3 Algae Marine treatment

€70 80min
Including Scrub

In wrap, algae-seaweed eliminates toxins from the body, moisturize and promote relaxation. This treatment is a real infusion of vitamins and proteins. It relieves muscle and joint pain.

Silky Smooth Body Wrap

€50 45min
Including Scrub

Silky Smooth body wrap which harnesses the serenity and relaxing powers of the Orient. After 45 minutes of hands-on therapy, you and your skin will feel intensely reinvigorated.

Chrono Slimming Treatment

€50 45min
Including Scrub

Stimulates blood circulation and improves better cellular exchange processes. It helps to reduce cellulite and the puffy effect and edema on the body.

Purity exfoliating treatment

€25 30min
Including Scrub

exfoliating treatment wash is a mild, exfoliating facial cleanser designed to effectively cleanse the skin while providing resurfacing benefits. Gentle enough to use daily.

Facial Care @ Veda Spa

Illuminating radiance facial ritual

(hydrating) F11
€45 45min
-Deep cleansing – Oxygenation – Hydration – Massage – Mask
Suitable for all skin types.

Extreme Comfort Ritual

€40 45min
-Cleansing – Desensibilization – Soothing – Nourishing – Massage – Mask
Suitable for all skin types, especially after sun exposure.

Thalgo Marine Silicium Ritual

€65 60 min
-Anti Aging – Anti Wrinkle – Firming and illuminating – Rejuvenating
Suitable for mature skin.

ZENING Veda Spa Packages

Economy Package

Introduction to Spa Relaxation
€85 per person
Package of 3 Massages of 30 Minutes for get acquainted to our therapies.

Zen & Relax

€170 per person
3 Massages or/and treatments of 60 Minutes you can choose from our selection.

Soothe Your Soul

€230 per person
5 Massages or/and treatments of 60 Minutes you can choose from our selection.

Absolute Serenity

€130 per person
1 Massage 30 min + 1 Body Wrap + 1 Facial Care.

Operating Hours

April-October 09.00- 19.00
November-March 10.00-19.00
On request we can offer treatment till late
Hours may change. please check our Facebook page for latest


Tel: +357 26 332 777

Arrival time

Please arrive at the Veda Spa fifteen minutes prior to your appointment. Any delays might influence the duration of your treatment.


To avoid cancellation charges please be kind enough to let us know if you are unable to keep your appointment 6 hours in advance. For “no show” full charge of the treatment will automatically applied.

Spa Etiquette

Our spa environment is one of the relaxation and tranquility. Please respect all spa guests ‘right to privacy and serenity. We appreciate you turning off your mobile phone whilst in the spa. Please respect our staff. Improper conduct may result in cancellation and expulsion. The Veda spa is not responsible for any valuables brought into the spa. For your comfort, disposable underwear and bathrobes are provided. Please always wear a undergarment for massages.