June, July, August September, October

Length of Stay

7 days/ 6 nights

Arrival Day


Start day

Saturday morning 11 AM

Arrival Dates

All Fridays of 2017 except July first week

Last Day of retreat


Departure day



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Retreat Calendar:

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Yoga Wellness Retreat

26jan - 1febjan 2611:00 amfeb 1- 8:00 pmZENING YOGA AND WELLNESS RETREAT

2feb - 8feb 211:00 amfeb 8ZENING YOGA AND WELLNESS RETREAT

9feb - 15feb 911:00 amfeb 15ZENING YOGA AND WELLNESS RETREAT

16feb - 22feb 1611:00 amfeb 22ZENING YOGA AND WELLNESS RETREAT

23feb - 1marfeb 2311:00 ammar 1- 8:00 pmZENING YOGA AND WELLNESS RETREAT

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Joyous experience of deep inner wellness based on yogic lifestyle.

Joy of Wellness retreat at ZENING is designed to bring true joy of living and feeling good.

This is a yoga, meditation, diet and coaching retreat with master coach and instructor Lina. The yoga and wellness sessions are for all.

The process of ZENING wellness leads to feeling good with the body, gaining self confidence, blossoming of inner smile and creating harmony in body & mind. Stress can disappear and body and mind get into deep relaxed harmony. A yoga & wellness retreat at ZENING helps shed sadness. With this retreat you start on a journey of self-love. You will feel dignity, courage, confidence and empowerment.

Yoga at ZENING is a part of wellness lifestyle rituals. It is designed for deep inner transformation helping us take control of our mind, body and life.

Yoga is the key to wellbeing. Through a gentle process, you will embrace yoga practice that is right just for you.
ZENING wellness vacation is held in a friendly, non-judgemental and helpful atmosphere.


ZENING Retreat helps you get rid of mental pressure, anxiety and worries. The program helps you slow down, switch your mind off. You reconnect to your inner being and open up the hidden stores of energy inside you.

The program helps you change your very nature to being calm under any circumstances. The body feels lighter and you feel more loving toward yourself You achieve flexibility, lose weight and find it easier to just be.

What is Included

  • 7 nights stay
  • 6 days of workshops, sessions
  • 3 to 4 daily sessions, discussions and masterclasses
  • 3 Healthy set meals as recommended by coach or chosen by you from big variety of meals
  • Personal/ individual consultation
  • 2 to 3 Yoga and Meditation, Dance or Tai Chi sessions each day
  • Use of veda Spa for Sauna and Hammam

Additional Included

A FREE Three Hour boat trip to Blue Lagoon
Free additional yoga , meditation, TaiChi or QiJong sessions
10% Discount on all Spa Treatments & Massages
10% discount on all ZENING services and herbal shop

What is Not included

Airline Tickets
Airport Transfer

Program Philosophy

ZENING was created as a wellness lifestyle resort . The founders and creators of ZENING wanted to share their life experiences of living mindfully, healthy and successful lives , always being in the moment and enjoying gifts of life with gratitude.
ZENING wellness is based on four pillars of building a harmonious and joyful existence

B: Meditation & Mindfulness
C:Dance and Movement

Sample Schedule

  • Morning Yoga
  • Special Breakfast
  • Yoga and meditation class
  • Massage appointment or rest
  • Wellness Coaching Session
  • Light Lunch or snack
  • Rest or Massage / Spa treatment
  • Evening meditation or dance or yoga
  • Time to walk, swim, enjoy the resort
  • Dinner


  • Develop confidence in yourself and your ability to master your life.
  • Understand what lifestyle is ideal for you for a daily healthy happy life
  • Practice Yoga and get to know your body and mind
  • Practice Meditation and achieve zen, mindfulness and living in the moment without worries about past or future
  • TaiChi Qi Jong or other Dance to find your own rhythem fo movement
  • Feel lighter, healthier and stronger due to excellent nutrition and recommended diet
  • Find your voice, get to know your inner voice
  • Understand the yogic way of living.
  • Gain health and happiness and spread health and happiness.
  • Find your spiritual self
  • Achieve calm mind
  • Achieve better flexibility in all limbs .
  • Healthy organs and system
  • Improve breathing capacity
  • Rejuvenation of body and mind
  • Balance perspective of life and living with harmony and well being.
  • Reconnect yourself with your true nature of being in a state of bliss.
  • Rejoice the harmony of mind body and action as well with the environment and other living being.

Group Sizes

Yoga, Meditation and Wellness coaching is for groups of upto 25 people.

Skill level

No skills or previous experience of yoga are necessary. ZENING Wellness programs include many yoga classes and they are for all levels, even for novice first timers and beginners that have never tried yoga before.


ZENING is a wellness vacation resort. It is a Grade A, licenses holiday resort as a 4 star hotel.
Accommodation at ZENING is in studio and one bedroom apartments in a sprawling village complex in studios or 2 room apartments with views of gardens and the Mediterranean sea.
There is plenty of privacy and space.
Accommodation may be in studio for single, two or shared in large suites for sharing with up to 6 people.

All Apartments are newly refurbished and feature spacious living room, own toilet and bathtub, tea & coffee kitchenette, individual energy efficient air conditioning and solar water heating, mini-fridge.

The living and decor is homely and traditional — cheerful and soothing minimalism with sprinkling of eclectic and ethnic elements in furnishings.

Zen minimalism and humorous simplicity of design have converted traditional quarters into comfortable and modern living spaces in harmony with nature.

Zening is a wild and garden landscape spread on 100 acres of hilly terrain on the sea. The beach is just across the road.
in ZENING that transform the mind and spirit to a free harmonious state.

Our studio rooms are suitable for two while One BedRoom suites can host up to 6 persons .

Lead Instructor


Wellness Coach

Lina is a wellness coach with 8 years experience of teaching life-changing practice of yoga.Lina provides gentle guidance in Hatha yoga, Vinyasa & Nidra Yoga. Her coaching goes further into guided meditation.She works with other instructors specializing in taiChi, herbalism, Pilates, dance to create a highly thoughtful and personalizedprogram.

She gives in-depth understanding of breathing techniques. She works with her groups in adopting the right diet for weight management, for body types, in introduction to herbs and essential oils and more of holistic wellness lifestyle.

Lina says “Yoga helps me recognize who I am, what is in my body. What are my feelings? Yoga relieves me to release my diseases. I do not suffer worries, anger. Through yoga and meditation I was able to find myself and empathize with others. I am free, light, happy, open and natural. There are no limits of perfection, so I am always studying and learning. I enjoy sharing this gift, knowledge and experience with others because it brings me great joy and satisfaction to spread harmony and wellness.


Your Retreat location is Hotel ZENING in Polis Latchi, on the island of Cyprus in European Union. This is a pristine, green, serene region ideal for a vacation to a healthy microclimate and abundant green landscapes of mountains, hills, vineyards, farms and sea.

Polis Latchi is a quiet, green area protected as an environmental reserve. ZENING Resort was created for wellness , yoga , detox vacations in 2013 where once stood a popular holiday village ELIA Village.

ZENING Elia Village is located in the mythological playground of Greek goddess of beauty Aphrodite. It is situated in Chrysochous Bay which is a north facing sea bay of pristine blue waters in Latchi village. Polis, with population of 5,000 is 3 kms away and has banks, post office, museum, general hospital and government services. Latchi has a yacht marina, harbour with some popular tourist venues such as taverns , cafes, boat rentals, yacht trips, bike tours and more.
Cyprus airport of Paphos is just 50 kms away. Larnaca (LCA) airport is a 2 Hr drive. Limassol is 100 Kms away and drive to capital Nicosia is 2 Hrs. The region has many charming mountain villages with tavernas and inns.

Akamanthos Avenue road runs from Polis to Baths of Aphrodite where it ends. ZENING is located with direct access to this road. The beach is across in front of resort across Akamanthos Av. with moderate village and tourist traffic.
There is no industry or large city and the area is mostly an agricultural region growing orange and citrus. Yacht marina of Latchi and many traditional taverns are a short walk. Polis has well known taverns, museums and town square.
Latchi is in north west of Cyprus, a European Union member with Euro as its currency. Driving is on left side of the road. Paphos and Larnaca airports connect Cyprus to more than 70 European, Russian and Gulf cities served by nearly 25 airlines.


Cyprus is a warm and sunny Mediterranean island. Summers are dry, hot and humid and ideal for a restful vacation and wellness program

Useful Information

Time Zone: GMT + 2 Hrs
Currency: Euro
Languages Spoken: Greek, English
Driving: On Left side of road


LCA Larnaca, 2 Hrs away; PFO Paphos 45 minutes

Airport transfer

Transfer from airport to ZENING resort is by choice of Buses, taxis or car rentals. Public bus cost is from 4 to 12 Euros each way. Shared Transfer, when available is Euro 15 to and from Paphos and Euro 30 to and from Larnaca.

Individual Taxi transfer is Euro 55 to 60 from Paphos and Euro 140 to 160 from Larnaca. Car Rentals are availble from Euro 20 per day. Discounted airport transfer is advised and arranged by ZENING from Larnaca and Paphos airports


  • Quality nourishment, fresh and organic foods, locally produced fruits and greens, dairy and meats, fish from local fishing harbour with catch of the day
  • All food is home cooked at ZENING Soma restaurant
  • All meals are served
  • Special meals are prepared as per your desire and instructor suggestions.


Break, Lunch, Dinner and snacks, herbal teas and drinking water are all included. Alcohol is not provided in wellness retreats as included We advise all wellness seekers to discuss their meals with coaches.


Instruction language: English /Russian
Spoken Language: English / Russian

Features of ZENING

  • Veda Spa with relaxing and therapeutic massages
  • SOMA restaurant
  • Herbalist consultation
  • Herbal garden
  • Organic Garden
  • Yoga studios and Yoga Garden

Things to do (optional)

  • Walks in Akamas national park
  • Yacht Cruise to Blue Lagoon
  • Visiting Aphrodite’s bath
  • Enjoying miles of pristine beaches
  • Short trips of Wine makers
  • Visits to churches and monasteries
  • Visit towns of Paphos and Limassol
  • Choose from many excursions on the island
  • Scuba Diving
  • Boat rentals
  • Water Sports

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